Antidepressants Lower Your Immune System and Relate to Yeast Infection

A friend wants to know more about vaginal yeast infection. Especially, she really wants to know if depression can by a reason for the candida apparition.

Depression can be a symptom, but it is not a cause. If you were depressed and took medicine (antibiotics, started eating a lot of carbs like bread and potatoes to fight the depression, or started taking some other kind of depression medication), it can help it grow faster in your system and kind of take over.

Vaginal yeast infections itself will chronically occur unless you eat a healthy diet and regulate your immune and digestive system. If you have a yeast infection, boost your immune system with some Echinacea (sp) and try soaking a tampon in a solution of Tea tree oil and water. Tea tree oil is an anti fungal with a very good treatment.

You can douche with warm water and about 10 drops of tea tree oil. I also mix in some apple cider vinegar. You can also put some on a cotton ball and place it in the vestibule overnight. Some also do this with garlic and/or acidophilus.

If you have taken anti depressants, they will lower your immune system (as will almost all other man made drugs you would be prescribed by a doctor). Depression itself will depress your immune system, if you feel bad, so does your body! If you smoke (cigarettes or pot) you are affecting your immune system. I am not telling you to stop either of them, just cut down. However, everyone knows cigarettes potentially cause cancer, which is bad for your immune system!

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