Strengthening Your Digestive Enzymes Specifically

My friend asked me if I was on “digestive enzymes” while treating candidiasis. She was told by her colonics therapist that if her doctor had put her on these enzymes. She wants to know what they are. Both the therapist and the Chinese herbal doctor/acupuncturist said she has a weak digestive system. She is wondering if we all have this because of candida. She is curious in how I specifically strengthen my digestive system. Read more..

Some Effective Earaches Treatment Instead of Antibiotics

My friend was on antibiotics for almost 4 months straight at one time and then steroids, on going for 3-4 years, for her earaches treatment. Her ears were so bad, losing balance, had tinnitus, headaches and all that goes along with it in addition to the pain. She would like to know what she can take for an earache instead of antibiotics. Read more..

Removing Mercury Fillings Safely Before Doing Mercury Detox

A friend has just discovered that she has candida overgrowth and asked me about removing mercury fillings, as she thinks it makes candida worsen. She is using Citricide in capsules 3 times a day and Primal Defense as well. She has also sent for some oregano oil. She was going to send for Threelac, but after reading some of the arguments she didn’t. On one of their sites, there is something called Modifilan to get mercury out of your body. She wants to know if I have tried that. Read more..

Raw Almonds and Cashews to Deal With Sweet and Sugar Craving

This friend of mine said in her whole life she has had bloating, belching, and sometimes constipated, with just sweets and sugar craving like there is no tomorrow. She was always feeding the candida because she ate whatever she wanted to. Her old diet consisted of sugar, sugar, and more sugar. Read more..

Odd Things With Root in Bowel Movement Dead Fungus Or Parasite?

Every time my sibling gets a stomach bug that is going around, her bowel movements contain little round things. They look like little off-white peas. She is getting over a stomach bug just now, and today she fished one of those things out of the toilet. It even had roots on it! She poked it with a skewer and it was semi-solid, with long skinny ‘tentacle’ things either wrapped around it or in it. These long tentacle things stick out of the side of it. Read more..

Liver Cleansing Before Coffee Enemas for Toxics Drugs You Have in Liver

A friend of mine has read the posts about coffee enemas and she is interested in doing one. However, her only reservation is that she has 15 years of toxics (legal) drugs in her liver. Her liver is always sore, and she has lots of other symptoms of liver troubles. Her main concern is if I feel the effects of the old drugs when all the toxins are dumped. Prozac flashbacks really stink, but she feels that her poor liver needs some help. Read more..

Juice Fast to Cure Heartburn and Bloating

Someone has been advised by her doctor to go on a juice fast. She has acid reflux along with a lot of food allergies. She has started with vegetable soup, brown rice, sugar-free jello, and oat bran. She has been on this for a day, but still has some heartburn. She wants to have my advice of what she should be eating with this kind of problem. She has been getting a lot of bloating and had to go off all her medications for now. She sure would appreciate if anyone has had experience with this. She is so tired of being sick all the time that people think she is a hypochondriac. She would give anything to not have to deal with all this. Read more..

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