Can a kinesiologist diagnose candida?

This article will discuss about kinesiologist. This is based on a question from a reader. He was wondering whether kinesiologist can diagnose candida and see how bad it is. He was seeing one for 2 years and his kinesiologist didnt even see that he had candida when he obviously does.

A friend of mine also went to her kinesiologist. And her practitioner said that she was led right to the Candida within a few minutes of starting the muscle testing. My friend had no idea that she had Candida when she went to see her doctor. So yes, kinesiologist can diagnose candida. If you are not getting value out of your sessions with your practitioner, consider using a different one.

A kinesiologist is someone who specializes in the study of human movement. The field of kinesiology is sometimes known as biomechanics, referencing the idea that it has a heavy focus on looking at the mechanical aspects of human movement, such as the musculoskeletal system and the way in which it works. This field views the body as an interconnected system, and examines the ways in which people move to see how people injure themselves, develop strong bodies, and engage in dance, play, and other types of movement.

A kinesiologist can only prescribe food supplements and not drugs. It is a strange treatment. Initially it is hard to believe in but for my friend, it seems to be working so shes sticking with it.

About the kind of test that her practitioner is using, the methods are not scientific (no test tubes are involved). Her practitioner uses muscle testing, which she believed is accepted in practice in general medicine, but its working so she doesnt really have a problem with it.

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