Candex reviews for treating your candida

Several of us have used a natural product, Candex, to help start with the purge. It has cellulase and probiotics in it. The cellulase digests the yeast membrane and doesn’t cause the die-off that a lot of antifungals do. I ordered mine from a wensote for $24.99 since my local health food store didn’t have it. It is a 6 day treatment that they recommend you repeat in 2-3 months. You still have to follow the diet and detox the liver, cleanse the colon, etc., but it really gives you a jump start on the road to getting rid of candida.

So I was very pleasantly surprised. If you look at the amount of cellulase in it (104,000 CU) and the 3 types of friendly flora – it is a good combination – and will cause die-off. This is a ‘blurb’ on cellulase: “Cellulase digests fiber. It also “eats” pathogenic yeast, so candidiasis from a Candida overgrowth is often the result of inadequate “friendly” bowel bacteria coupled with a cellulase deficiency. Sudden, acute allergies can also be an outcome of cellulase deficiency.

Candidiasis sets the stage for leaky gut syndrome which in turn can lead to the development of food allergies, as undigested food particles make their way into the bloodstream and trigger an immune response. Once these food particles have passed from the digestive system to the circulatory system, the brain no longer interprets them as “food”. Instead they are considered foreign substances which must be eliminated from the body”.

The only thing I was disappointed in was the fact that I paid $24.99 (without shipping) for a ‘weeks’ worth of it – which was only 24 caps. Its good stuff – but for some of us – a little ‘pricey’ for what it is. And Candex dont need to be refrigerated. I just went and checked the bottle of Candex that I have. It does not say anything about refrigeration. Also, I have some other acidophillus pills and it doesnt require refrigeration. The liquid I give the kids requires refrigeration as does some other acidophillus I have purchased (in capsule form).

If you want to get support about candida, in particular this specific issue, go get my recommended report on cure candida project website. Read, learn, and ask. They will support and help whatever your situation is.

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