Unsweetened rice milk for candida diet

I received a question by a reader. She wanted to know if anyone has heard of an unsweetened rice milk. She was aware of an unsweetened soy milk but she was looking for the rice milk instead.

Well, she might try the same way we make nut milks. To make nut milks, you just soak the nuts over night, toss the nuts and the milk in the blender and then you have nut milk. Perhaps rice milk was made in the same way. Or she could just get Rice Dream. Read more..

Sweets and Breads Craving – Psoriatic arthritis and a lot of food sensitivities

A friend of mine just shared her experience with me. She had been experiencing pretty major psoriatic arthritis and a lot of food sensitivities for the last two and a half years. Earlier this year, she finally made the connection that it all started following a huge amalgam filling so she got the mercury out. Since then, there had been gradual improvements, but shes still prone to attacks. She had a limited list of what she could eat without suffering pretty bad reactions and it did get her down. Read more..

Stay on the yeast free diet the best you can

This article is based on a friend of mine who wanted to share her experience. She was diagnosed with Candida in September 2000. She had probably had it since 1988 or so though. That was when she started taking a lot of antibiotics. She took things for Strep throat and Tetracycline for Acne. Her doctor had been giving her Nizoral for two week intervals. When she went off for two weeks she took Nystatin. For the first 3 weeks, she didnt eat any sugar, but then she started to cheat. Now she doesnt eat what she did before she found out she had Candida, but she still eats sugar. She used to be really thin, probably due to the Candida, she now has hypothyroidism and has gained about 70 pounds. She would love to lose it, but she has tried about everything and cant seem to do it. Read more..

Lower carbohydrate diet works great Carbohydrates is not your enemy

This article will discuss about fasting. A friend of mine did fasting for at least 12 days. It is a real cetogenic diet where you eat nothing but water and you cannot cheat. He did so because of his health. The problems with fasting are : Read more..

Low calorie diet to treat your ketosis

This article will discuss about ketosis. What is the problem with ketosis? Is the ketosis bad for the health? However, Atkins do not think that ketosis is bad. Is he wrong?

Ketosis is a state of the organism characterized by elevated levels of ketone bodies in the blood, occurring when the liver converts fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies. Some of these ketone bodies such as acetoacetate and -hydroxybutyrate can also be used for energy. Read more..

Kyolic, grapefruit seed extract and Primadopholis review for your candida diet

A candida sufferer needs to pay huge attention to his/her diet. A woman has successfully freed herself from heartburn that she used to have constantly for six weeks. What she takes are Kyolic, grapefruit seed extract and Primadopholis. She is also trying out Caprylic acid. However, she feels that shes still in trouble planning for breakfast. She used to eat plain shredded wheat or oatmeal with Rice Dream milk, tho. The fiber is good for her high cholesterol. She also as osteoporosis and used to have ripe bananas and raisins plus a little sugar on her cereal, then have a glass of calcium fortified OJ. No wonder she felt so blah after breakfast. Read more..

Fruit diet on the yeast free diet plan

According to Dr. Paganos book on healing psoriasis, people who experience psoriatic arthritis symptoms should avoid the nightshade family that includes tomato, potato, peppers and eggplants.

Other diet that helps clearing psoriasis is high fruit and vegetable juice diet. If you experience a flare-up in psoriatic symptoms, according to Dr.Paganos book, it is part of the healing process. However, according to one candida sufferer who happens to have psoriasis problem too, fruit and vegetable diet that she took gave her a flare-up-like symptoms which had gone worse and worse and it depressed her. Read more..

Get rid of candida stats