Coating On the Tongue Not Necessarily Indicating the Presence of Candida

Someone asked me why over the past few days, her tongue feels like there is a slimy mucous coating on it and the sides of her tongue are white. She wants to know if this is part of candida die-off. She doesn’t think it is thrush, as she just went to the doctor and had him check, and then later had that “symptom” appears.

One day, I was wondering about this, too. My tongue has been very clear for a while, but then I started taking a different supplement (Kolorex, plus Olive Leaf) to see whether or not I got a new wave of die-off. I hadn’t felt anything in particular, but then I noticed that my tongue is getting a coating again. I think it may be likely that this is a die-off effect.

In addition, a coating on the tongue doesn’t necessarily have to indicate the presence of candida, but it can also mean that there is any kind of toxicity in your body coming out. People get a coated tongue during a fast, and when your tongue clears, the fast is over.

This is why I think that the mild return of my tongue coating is die-off, since toxicity coming out from the new die-off. Plus, I had also been doing a modified fast, so this may be contributing.

When the toxins are coming out of your body, they can leave your tongue look like that. So, I believe this is a good sign that you are on the way of healing. I was wondering if it did not have to do with fungal infection as well. I have noticed there seems to be a few little spots under the coating on my tongue. Besides, the coating tends to disappear when I take grapefruit seed extract as a cure.

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