Enjoying and Allowing Yourself Eating Lots of Right Foods

Strict candida protocol surely is a hard thing to do for most people, eventhough it is an absolute need to cure systemic yeast. A friend did Karen Tripp’s protocol and even went to see Dr. Piller, but she did not get completely well. She is now on Russ Newman’s protocol, which is what some people have claimed to be the curing route. In addition, she takes one additional supplement that is supposed to be great to kill parasites and pathogens.

Boric acid is terrific at killing of a vaginal yeast infection temporarily. I used to use it myself, but it is not enough to get over a systemic yeast infection, which you most likely have if you have chronic yeast infections. So, you need to stop thinking the only problem is just down there. It is inside your intestines and definitely inside your blood.

Also, just a side note, don’t sell yourself short. I was exactly thinking I could never be “strict”, but when this candida drags on and on and you don’t get well, you will gather your resources. The funny thing is that I was really enjoying the way I eat and I allow myself to eat a lot of food, but the right food. Some days I allow myself to eat four meals a day. I am trying to work with myself and let myself know that I am not being deprived.

Certain foods that I am eating are very satisfying. I have squash, avocado, olive oil, and sea salt on anything. You would be very surprised how often when you think you are craving sugar, you are really craving salt! Try eating something salty with sea salt the next time you get a sugar craving and you will be surprised with what happens.

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