Flat Bread Recipe With Flour Or Buckwheat

I was telling my friend some candida recipes, specifically flat bread. To make this bread, I take some flour and add some tahini or melted butter and then water it. After it makes dough, I flatten it with more flour in my palms, and then fry it with olive oil in a pan.

She tried this recipe using rice flour today. She said that she loved the idea about using Tahini, but didnt quite get the hang of the patties, though. She doesn’t fry well and came up with a variation that is wonderful.

She made croutons by using this recipe and added garlic, onion powder, oregano, and sea salt. Then, she made small round balls about the size of a crouton. Instead of frying them, she put them on a baking sheet with olive oil at 335 – 350 degrees. Watch them carefully and turn them several times as they lightly browned, there she has made great croutons! They were very good and it will be nice to have a few crunches on salads.

She hasn’t had croutons in over a year, and is very satisfied with just a few which probably comes out to less than a patty. She is wondering and will probably try adding some chopped cooked spinach. Maybe some can have roasted garlic.

I should urge you to remember also that flours have different consistencies. Maybe rice flour does not have the cohesive action needed to make a patty. Buckwheat is great, though. I love to eat buckwheat flatbread and avocado with sea salt sprinkled on top. You could also chop up an onion really small and sprinkle that on top too. Avocado and onion is delicious!

If I were you, I will order some flour and try buckwheat. I haven’t used that yet and have heard good things from others about it. It will be interesting to use different flours as I am sure it will even affect the taste, too.

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