Heart palpitations, anxiety attacks, and depression during candida die off period

Heart palpitations can be really shocking because you will never really know whats really happening other than the thought that you are having a heart attack and your life will end right there and then. Many people got severe anxiety attacks and depression and do not even dare to go to bed at night.

Panic is exactly what you do not need to do when you get heart palpitations. When this comes, what you need to do is relax, lie down and take about three to four deep breaths and exhale slowly. As you have been to the hospital, even ER thanks to the false alarm, so many times, you know that actually your heart is okay. When having the palpitations, it is important to keep reminding yourself that your heart is fine and it will pass. Try to relax and go with the flow. It works once you know how to get past them. It is possible that you are having this because you are going through a die-off period.

Some people also get prickles up on the back of their necks and would feel very hot and sweaty. They would rush to the hospital and the doctors would basically tell them nothing. They would want to put them on anti-depressants. Anti-depressants could probably help some people, but it is not the only answer. Many times the prescription medicines just create more and ‘different’ problems that we then need more medicines for.

The anxiety attacks goes along with the heart palpitations, first of all, do not let this take charge of your life. Many people with candida notice that when they start having a sugar free and yeast free diet, their heart palpitations go away. That is why diet is important and most of the time its only about that.

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  • Jacqueline

    I had a urine Infection and was given an incorrect dose which meant my infection came back…all in all I had five different types of antibiotics which didn’t seem to be helping my urine problem (however tests showed ‘no Infection’) what I didn’t realise is that candida had taken over my whole body and I have only just realised that it must be a candida overgrowth (thrush keeps coming back) I am now taking beta blockers to control my heart and need antidepressants to keep me mentally sane. It’s awful how doctors know very little about the matter and that they don’t suggest taking probiotics after a course of antibiotics!

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