How food works for me to treat candida without sugar cravings

You must realize something basic about candida, the bottom line is that every sufferer is highly individual outside of some basic candida no no’s like sugar, etc. This, I think is where most people struggle and saying “what can I eat” etc. Stick to “live” and “fresh” and test things out one by one – not in groups, because then you will not know if you can handle it.

Excellent advice on eating when you need it, if I followed the 3 meals a day plan right now It would never work for me. I eat protein a lot throughout the day. Regarding the spirulina, I did have to ‘work’ up to higher amounts. It is a lot of betacarotene to hit yourself with at once and also cleanses and detoxifies the body. The first few days I took it I remember I took about 15-20 “00” size caps and my eyes hurt, my body hurt and I felt wiped out – spirulina is powerful stuff.

I have been doing what most of you are doing (dietwise and treatment wise) and feeling rather well – in fact – doing better and better. Then the other night there was potatoes for everyone else and I thought that since I hadn’t had them in so long that maybe I ‘could’ now (since I was doing so much better)? So I happily ate them – wolfing them down with plain butter and wow they tasted good. 25 minutes later the headache started.

This is interesting because prior to those potatoes my mind had been clear and I had had energy. 25 minutes after eating these potatoes I turned into a mindless idiot. I couldn’t think, concentrate or function. My neck hurts and every muscle seemed to ache. All I wanted to do was go to bed.

I’m not exaggerating; it is just how food works for me. I can’t live ‘with it’ and can’t ‘live without it’. So I go back to the ones I know and stick to them. This last two weeks of sticking to the diet and my treatment I’ve been playing tennis every am with my daughter – (she’s very good so it is a lot of running and movement) and I haven’t been able to do this kind of work out for about 8 years.

On the ‘enzyme’ issue – I found that no matter how many raw things I ate I would not get enough for my depleted system, so I do take additional enzymes – which have made a world of difference. I also am following a candida doc’s book regarding candida treatment using amino acid therapy – I take the 9 essential amino acids 2-3 x a day. This too has proved incredibly helpful.

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