How to Find Out Parasites and Molds

This friend of mine wants to know how to recognize if we have parasites, including what the symptoms are. She is curious when the yeast come out if they are dying off. She also asked me how to find out whether there is mold in our wall.

For the parasites, I have battled with it for years. For some people, it caused their candida and other numerous problems. So, the first thing they have to do when they got sick again was to get checked for parasites. Then, in my weakened state I know that I am susceptible, so I keep getting checked. The symptoms of a parasitic infection are very similar to those of candida. But, I have never heard of the critters causing any type of vaginal irritation. It is simple to be tested. Great Smokies has a stool test and there is a center for parasitic studies that a good Dr. should know about that also has a stool test.

I went to see my NHP last week and I asked him what yeast looks like when it comes out. He told me that it is white when “live” yeast comes out, but (in my case) when it’s dead it turns yellow. I was bugging out because I was seeing yellow clumps (not parasites) in my stool. Now, I find out it is good news!

To find out the molds, it usually takes a professional to come in and check around the vents, and where your pipes are. If you suspect a problem it would be worth the money, since they will also clean it out for you. They can also test for gas leaks which also cause mold like symptoms in people.

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