Human parasite treatment for candida sufferers

If you want to know human parasite treatment for candida sufferers, then this is for you. When you are dealing with candida, it is common that you also have parasites inside your body. A proper treatment for human parasites is necessary. So the first thing you should do is to get rid of those parasites. Paragone can be used to treat parasites. It is an antifungal and parasite internal cleansing system and can be found on a health food store. This article will explain about Paragone and the tips about it.

ParaGone is a great antifungal. To get the best results, you should follow the package directions – one package for 15 days, then 5 days off, then another package for another 15 days, a total of 2 packages, and 35 days of cleansing. Click here to buy it at my personal recommended merchant.

This will do wonders for internal cleansing, and elimination of parasites and fungi, initially. If you think you are cured and want to stop it, I do think that it is necessary to continue on with an anti-fungal and an elimination diet for some months afterwards, to ensure elimination of candidiasis from the entire system

Paragone has the following ingredients:

Paragone (2 part internal cleansing system)

Paragone 1 contains: 90 tablets

Calcium (coconut & castor bean) black walnut
Wormwood quassia
Bismuth citrate caprylic acid
Pau d’arco 5:1 ext cascara sagrada
Deodorized garlic cloves
Pumpkin seed grapefruit ext
Pippli rosemary 4:1 oil
Thyme 4:1 oil

It also contains:
Microcrystalline celluslose, vegetable stearine, calcium stearate.

Paragone 2: (1 oz. with liquid dropper)
* Aqueous ethyl alcohol solution containing the extract of black walnut
* Wormwood
* Cloves
* Orange peel
* Marshallow

If you want to get support about candida, in particular this specific issue, go get my recommended report on how to cure candida naturally website. Read, learn, and ask. They will support and help whatever your situation is.

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