MSM for arthritis and sore joints a review and feedback

In this article I am going to share a case about MSM for arthritis and sore joints from a friend of mine She has arthritis in one of her hips which is requiring attention, as she cannot walk very far without seizing up and feeling pain. Her doctor wants her to try anti-inflammatories, but he also smiles as he says this as he knows how she feels about drugs. So she wonders about MSM, has anyone any success stories with using MSM for arthritis? Also, do anti-inflammatories affect candida?

MSM does a good job to work out with arthritis. A friend of mine has had great luck with MSM. She have been on it for about a month. Her pain level is lower and that makes her happier. She also takes Glucosamine with chondroitin. She fell a few years ago and the glucosamine complex is the only thing that helped her, until she finds MSM. She is happy with MSM, in fact, she used to take 1000mg, now she is going to bump it up to 1500mg in split doses.

Want a better way, according to some information, try putting MSM in to a water bottle and sipping it throughout the day. It is supposed to be better this way. You can also dissolve the MSM in aloe vera gel to make a lotion to apply directly to the sore joint. Alternatively, you can try the powdered. You can mix it in water and make yourself some lotion! She hasn’t tried this myself but I know it
is cheaper to make it than to buy the lotion already made. But sometimes buying a good product that works is worthwhile.

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