No Fruits for a Couple of Months if You Have Chronic Candida

This article might be of use if you want to know about candida diet and fruits. All experts in candida control that I believe and trust say no fruits at all for the first couple of weeks at least. Fresh lemon juice doesn’t have much sugar in it and it a natural diuretic. Most say some is fine. If you have chronic or severe candida connected problems, you should not eat any fruit for a couple of months at least, and then add them back slowly. Grapefruit seed extract is widely allowed, but this is very different from grapefruit itself. The fruit has fairly high sugar content, not as high as oranges of tangerines but still high enough to affect the amount of sugar a severe candida sufferers feed to their yeast.

Kiwis are very sweet compared to the grapefruit though, and dates have a ton of sugar. Not to say they aren’t great healthy fruits that have great effects on overall health, but some people believe that they are not particularly beneficial enough for the candida sufferer to risk feeding their yeast. All fruit (and everything else) has yeast on it, as well as molds, fungi, spores, etc. Fresh veggies and fruits (if you are including them in your diet) should be rinsed off in something like natural Veggie Wash. This won’t take off all of the microbes, but will remove excess.

Dried foods (fruit particularly because of the sugar content) grow a greater amount of molds and other microbes just like you grow yeast, and should in general be avoided during your healing process. Some dried items are ok to eat to different degrees depending on what it is. Nuts all are different. Shelled peanuts have a high toxicity level. Roasted nuts are recommended by many, I think because the roasting kills a lot of microbes. Most people think that cooking kills the yeasts and such of most things like brown rice and lentils.

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