Safe to Find Balance of Food Consumption

I became underweight to the point that, in my opinion, it was more of a threat to my health than the candida albicans was. I had already killed off a lot of candida and was feeling much better, but once I got past a certain level of weight loss, my energy slumped really bad and I just felt terrible. It was affecting my hormones, too.

Once I added more carbs and started to eat avocadoes, I slowly regained weight. I also stopped exercising for a couple of months in order to speed up the weight gain. When I got back to the ideal weight for my height and frame, I felt much better again and my hormones re-stabilized. I have since gained another couple of pounds, and I am exercising again to maintain the weight that I am at.

Underweight can be a threat to your health, especially if you are a woman. It messes with your hormones, and if you stop menstruating for too long then it can eventually ruin your ovaries. That worries me!

A woman I know, an ex-nurse who is now into natural health, had candida. She lost a lot of weight on the diet, too, but she got completely cured by doing the diet and using Twin Labs Yeast Fighters. When she added foods back, she regained weight. She is now in perfect health, and she has so much vibrant energy. She told me that at my stage of things, it is safe for me to find a balance, like eating some breads, etc. This particular woman now makes her own bread in a bread maker, and she uses a minimum of yeast. So, it is good to know that a cured person can go back to eating yeasted bread!

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