Stabilizing Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, and Liver Counts

A friend of mine uses refrigerator for her candida diet foods storage. She has a big family and buying in bulk is the only way she can afford it. She eats lots of bacon and eggs as she loves bacon and other pork products so much. She also likes steak covered with garlic and butter. She doesnt eat milk and very little cheese, but she eats sour cream, heavy whipping cream, and real butter with no salt added. She also exercises.

Since she started loosing weight (at the first month only she lost 30 lbs) and felt tons better, she had her body fat tested in the beginning and again month later and so on. She has consistently lost 70 lbs of fat and built 25 lbs of muscle. Her point here is that you can loose lots of weight while building muscle and get healthy on meat or just on veggies, if you listen to your body and trust yourself and dont pay a lot of attention to everything everyone thinks. Keeping a journal or log is really recommended, too.

She has stabilized her blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, and liver counts which were bad after she had her gall bladder removed. Her hair is growing tons and it looks great. You can do it and feel better. There is nothing like good results to keep you going. It is taken 3 years for her to do this while fighting with doctors, and she still gets a coated tongue and smell yeast at times. She doesnt eat vinegar either or fruit.

She took a good look at the things she loved to eat before and what she loves and craves now. Before, it was sweets and chips. Now, she craves steak, with butter, salt, and garlic. She is also not psychotic either. No hallucinations and no bi-polar unless she falls back and eats a sandwich or ice cream.

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