Stay On the Protocol As Long As It Takes Until There Is No Longer Tongue Coating

Stay On the Protocol As Long As It Takes Until There Is No Longer Tongue Coating

Someone is in the process of coming off the diet part of the candida protocol from Russ since she completed her 30 days of strict adherence. It is slow going because she still has lots of allergy symptoms, and it is hard to know whether she is bothered by a reintroduced food or by something in the air. In general, she feels a lot better than when she started the protocol. She seldom experiences fatigue or anything like what was controlling her life before. She gets tired sometimes, but not the achy muscles at the slightest movement kind of tired.

She was being asked by Russ some questions about her symptoms. After reading her responses, he said to start reintroducing foods but to pay close attention to how she feels. Her tongue is pink, but very lightly coated. She never had a heavy coating on it, or any other obvious candida symptoms like thrush. There are just allergies, extreme fatigue, migraines, and yucky feeling.

It is my understanding that we are supposed to stay on the protocol as long as it takes (30 days, 60 days, whatever) until we no longer have a tongue coating, especially when we wake up in the morning. That is the sign we have to wait to know that we have gotten better and if it hasn’t happened yet, I believe we should take the protocol even longer.

I supposed it is the complete recovery when you find that you have no tongue coating whatsoever, and that your secretions are totally clear (no milkiness), and that you have been that way for several days.

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