Sugar cravings and candida diet my own experience

If you are experiencing sugar cravings while you are on candida diet, then dont worry. I experienced the same things as you when I started my diet. So in this article, I want to share several things as my little contribution. A lot of the info I’ve come across said several thing:

Brown rice is OK
Alternative grains are OK
A little fresh fruit is OK

and other little ‘permissive’ in the carbohydrate department. It’s only through following the diet that I realized how systemic my Candidiasis really is. I suppose a good way to think of it is this:

My body has certain requirements to get better:

I have to learn what those requirements are. I don’t like to think in terms of values like ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but in terms of lessons. My body is ill. I will make mistakes and suffer the consequences as a result, but eventually learn a lesson. Life will present me with these lessons over and over until I learn. I think most people have an instinctive voice that ‘knows’ what to do, but with so much contrary advice in modern society it gets confusing. Just like you saying you feel like just eating vegetables and spirulina for a month. Maybe that’s what you need, I can’t say. I would, however, put it to you that you’re probably right about totally avoiding carbohydrates for a time.

I know people say we all need carbs. Maybe a personal anecdote might help before I get carried away: I work for a moving company. When I first went on the diet I was following the permissive Candida diets that are out there; brown rice, fruits, alternative grains, milk substitutes like rice milk, etc. The longer I was on the diet the worse these things made it for me. I’d compare it to ‘oh, I’ll just have one puff on that cigarette.., I’m fine.’ I imagine alcoholism has a similar pull.

I thought, my work is so draining, there’s no way I can survive a day without some carbohydrates: maybe some gluten free bread, maybe some fresh organic fruit, or a little oat bran. All these things were disastrous. When I finally couldn’t avoid reality anymore and finally listened to what my body was saying to me and accepted it, I dropped the carbs. No grains, no fruits, no sugars, etc. I recently even cut out carrot juice because of the sugars. I thought it should be fine (the carrot juice), so did other people, but my body said otherwise. Now I’ll listen to my body over anyone, including my brain.

Here’s what happened: I felt like total crap. I felt like there was no way I could make it through my days. I’d get to a move job, a day where we had to haul an entire suite up about 80 steps, box after box after box, after furniture, etc. I can’t express how utterly drained I was after one hour of this. It was all I could do to place one foot in front of the other without carrying anything. “It’s my diet, I told myself, ‘I need carbohydrates! This Candida diet is impossible!’ So at the first opportunity I got some yeast free/ gluten free bread from the local shop and ate it that afternoon. Wow! I sure felt good after that. Until that evening when I felt like total utter garbage. Talk about cravings, bloating, gas, etc. Anyway, I had this experience again and again until I learned my lesson and totally cut out carbs- period.

For one week I felt the same way, like I was wasting away, ‘humans can’t live like this, there’s no way I can go on’ etc. I tried to rationalize eating carbs to myself in so many ways. It’s literally like having a little devil on your shoulder, lying to you all day long.

Anyway, after one week my energy was way up! I could do my job much better than when I was eating carbs. When I get up in the morning I don’t feel like crap. I can do a day’s work without passing out. It took me a while to realize that what I was going through when I first cut out carbs was not a lack of energy from not eating them but withdrawal. It’s funny I couldn’t see it at the time. The little voice that told me to eat some bagels or a few dates was the same voice I listened to for years of smoking telling me ‘just one more pack…’ I will say quitting smoking was a snap compared to dropping all carbs. I totally didn’t realize how dependent the Candida had made my psyche on these substances. They really manipulate out brain chemistry in a diabolical way to feed themselves.

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