Not Cutting Carbs Altogether If You Are Underweight

A friend asked me the best way to get rid of yeast infection, including what foods she should avoid and what foods help in anti candida diet. She finds it really bugging her. She also asked me about buttermilks description and if it is allowed on candida diet. She used some in a muffin recipe and wants to know if that ingredient should be substituted for plain unsweetened acidophilus yoghurt. Read more..

No Fruits for a Couple of Months if You Have Chronic Candida

This article might be of use if you want to know about candida diet and fruits. All experts in candida control that I believe and trust say no fruits at all for the first couple of weeks at least. Fresh lemon juice doesn’t have much sugar in it and it a natural diuretic. Most say some is fine. If you have chronic or severe candida connected problems, you should not eat any fruit for a couple of months at least, and then add them back slowly. Grapefruit seed extract is widely allowed, but this is very different from grapefruit itself. The fruit has fairly high sugar content, not as high as oranges of tangerines but still high enough to affect the amount of sugar a severe candida sufferers feed to their yeast. Read more..

Stabilizing Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, and Liver Counts

A friend of mine uses refrigerator for her candida diet foods storage. She has a big family and buying in bulk is the only way she can afford it. She eats lots of bacon and eggs as she loves bacon and other pork products so much. She also likes steak covered with garlic and butter. She doesnt eat milk and very little cheese, but she eats sour cream, heavy whipping cream, and real butter with no salt added. She also exercises. Read more..

Mercury Exposure to Cause Lots of Problems

Mercury is one of the most things that triggered candida problems. It can take up to two years for the mercury to get out of your tissues or body, depending on the severity of your toxicity. A friend had her fillings done 14 months ago, and she is just starting to feel better and notice improvement. No matter what anyone tells you, there really isn’t a way to speed up how fast your body will eliminate the mercury. Extra vitamin c will help a little, but it also may upset your stomach, too. Read more..

Lots of Stomach Problems From Eating Only Protein and Vegetables

A friend is having a lot of stomach problems from eating only protein and vegetables at candida diet meals. She gets so sick she ends up eating bread to calm her stomach. She wants to know if this normal digestion, die-off, or something else. If it is normal digestion and the burning is hunger, she needs to eat every three hours. She seriously has the burning about three hours after she eats, every time, unless she cheats and has pizza or burgers or something “bad”. After ten years of dieting (and she is only 23), she wonders if her body is just not recognize real hunger. She is desperate to lose weight, which is making her depressed because none of her clothes fit. She is curious if there is any supplement to take for the vitamin sources. Read more..

Cheaper Protocol By Buying Same Products From Health Food Store

I think it is a good idea to shop around when looking for anti candida protocols. Quite often, I find that it works out much cheaper to adapt a protocol that is out there by buying the same product from a health food store. There are a lot of people/companies out there who are just waiting to prey on candida sufferers! I thought it might be an idea to share my experiences of this. Read more..

Why Avoiding Pork From Candida Diet Menu

Someone reads on some website that people who try to recover from candida should avoid pork in their candida diet menu. She has no clue on this and wants to know the reason. Read more..

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