Stay On Candida Diet, Drink Lots of Water, and Take Herbs for Parasites

One of my closest friends had a parasite go thru her heart muscle causing her blood pressure to rise quickly. At first, she is just not feeling good with the racing heart symptom she experienced. Then, she went to the doctor, who did an E.K.G (it was fine). Her pressure was so high that she gave her a heart prescription and said to get it filled immediately, which she did. She couldn’t understand what was going on. She took the medication, but was still having heart palpitations only more softly then. Read more..

Russ’ Protocol Candida Diet Meal Plan Guide

This is what one of my friends having in her candida diet meal plan right now. She is following the protocol outlined by Russ Newmans plan. She is not totally well yet, but she feels that she may be making some great strides. Here is the food list. Read more..

Get Used to Eat Only Healthy Foods and Add Other Things Slowly

I agree that one shouldn’t get depressed about having to stay on the strict candida diet forever, but one should really change their diet more gradually than just changing to the anti-candida. For at least a couple of weeks, if not a month, get used to eat only healthy foods. This helps to get all the kinks of becoming ‘healthy’ out of the way, such as deciding to eat organic foods and either whole wheat or non-gluten noodles. This way, when you heal yourself of candida overgrowth, you will not go out and shove sugar down your face because you are “free”. Read more..

Grapefruit to Helps Flushing Out Your System and Kills Parasite

My friend is getting really confused for what fruits are exactly allowed on which anti candida diet. She wonders what makes Crook’s diet is lemon only and Russ allowed grapefruit, kiwi, and only 4 dates per day. Dates are high in sugar, which feed the candida. Dates are dried and she believes dried foods are disallowed because of possible mold. She wants to know why they are allowed. Read more..

Enough Fiber From Fresh Green Veggies and Beans to Keep Things Moving

In my humble opinion, I believe that whatever kind of candida you suffered from, you need to start with a proper anti candida diet. Stop eating the pastas, breads, carbohydrates, junk, and processed foods. Start eating fresh vegetables, if not fresh, then frozen should be the second choice. Read more..

Controversies in Having Cookies in Candida Diet

There are so many controversies in debating about having cookies in candida diet. First of all, there are way too many carbs in cookies. Flour, carob chips, etc are all carbs! Carbs turn into blood sugar which turns into blood alcohol and the yeast in your intestines and the yeast in your bloodstream can eat it all. Secondly, many people think that even stevia-sweetened foods can cause an insulin surge. Likewise, it creates an impression of sweetness in the mind which you will seek to fulfill again, causing you to consume more carbs and feed the candida again. Read more..

Yeast Free Diet and Fruit Getting My Nutrients from Veggies

Let us get our spotlight on a topic of yeast free diet and fruit. As most of you already know, fruit is forbidden for candida sufferers. Fruits have their own sugar called fructose, and sugar turns into carbs in your body. One of my friends is attempting to eliminate as much sugar as possible from his diet, and now he is pretty much stopped eating fruit and drinking fruit juice. Read more..

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